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A Life in Cartagena

Cartagena offers a life full of admiration courtesy of its beautiful and natural sceneries that define its expansive boundaries. Located in the Spanish South East region of Murcia, Cartagena has a rich history dating back to Roman times. For travellers and residents, the proximity of Cartagena to Murcia Airport is the reason why it should remain a top item on your bucket list. It is approximately 30 km from the airport and there are numerous ways of connecting through the beautifully manicured streets. These options include trains, bus ride, taxi (pre-booked or otherwise) and rideshare. Through your journey, the spectacular views of Costa Calida Mediterranean coastline will certainly excite you.

Buy a home in Cartagena

Buying your dream home in Cartagena is easy in case you have plans of settling here temporarily or permanently. The villas for sale have been customised with excellent furnishings that reflect your in-house needs. The La Manga Golf Club homes offer quite an exquisite lifestyle and innumerable tennis courts to unwind after a long day at work. This resident also boasts of three golf courses and beautiful spas to catch a breath. You can as well buy a home around Cala Flores in Cabo de Palos which is known for its spectacular beach beauty. The Succina detached villas have cemented their place in Murcia as high-end homes with luxurious, lagoon style pools. Click here to see our range of homes in the area!

Enjoy culture, shopping and golf in Cartagena

From culture to sporting activities, Cartagena is a bubbly place with enviable shopping places. The Playa de Calblanque, for instance, is a Mediterranean coastal line that is jealously protected to offer an unspoiled beach experience. Characterised by arid mountains and golden-coloured beaches, this is a perfect getaway from your home. For a sneak peek into the Murcia's early culture, the Roman Theatre Museum is not far from your home. Christened as the jewel of Cartagena, this museum was built as early as the 1st BC when king Augustus conquered Rome. A visit to the Bateria de Castillitos will welcome you to war history as the gun battery as a fortress to the Cartagena's military base. Welcome to HusmanHagberg, please contact us for more information when you're looking to buy a home in Cartagena!