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Santa Pola

A Life in Santa Pola

The proximity of Santa Pola, Sandy beaches and salt lakes to the Alicante Airport make it a darling of visitors with a keen interest in settling permanently or temporarily for holidays. Basically, Santa Pola is a 20 minutes drive from the Alicante Airport. You can connect through a bus ride or a taxi, where you can enjoy the breathtaking beautiful sceneries such as the Arenales Del Sol which is known for its stretchy beach and unmatched marine life. As you traverse the lush streets of Santa Pola you will enjoy the stunning beauty of Clot de Galvany nature reserve.

Buy a house or apartment in Santa Pola

If you are looking forward to settling in Santa Pola, you can find and buy apartments and villas with impeccable social, recreation, and financial facilities. For instance, the villas for sale around the Alicante Golf club will afford you a serene atmosphere ideal for your home. Situated on the shores of Mediterranean, this residence is home to the famed San Juan beach. The Santa Pola auction house is also a cool place with traditional fish recipes. Houses around the Chalet beach and golf course are also ideal. This golf resort is located just 13 km from the renowned Playa Carabassi beach and is near to the Santa Pola salt museum. Click here to see homes for sale in the area!

Enjoy the sun, the sea and beautiful nature in Santa Pola

Santa Pola offers incomparable natural beauty. The well-manicured lanes and the clean streets with well-lit facilities, especially at night will create unforgettable memories along with the lush residences of the famed Atalayola. The Gran Playa Beach Front hotel will irresistibly attract you. Besides its crystal clear waters, Gran Playa is ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing, especially during the winter. The Las Salinas nature park is a spectacular place to visit with a fabulous range of birds such as marsh harriers and flamingos. The Santa Pola Aquarium is a port with a history dating back to as early as 4th Century BC. It is the oldest in Valencia and features 9 glass tanks. Welcome to HusmanHagberg, we are here for you when you are looking to buy a home in Santa Pola!