About us

With the heart in the business!

Two real estate brokers meet. One with offices in Stockholm's southern suburbs, the other in the north. One walked in his father's footsteps and began early to show houses and homes. The other was a PE teacher before he bought his first tie and started as a real estate assistant. External differences but internal similarities. Common to both is the warm heart, the honesty, and their way of thinking in new ways. And not to mention, that spark they both have in their eye.

Lennart Hagberg and Mats Dahlström meet for the first time at Mäklarsamfundets board meeting. Youngest of all and with the same passion for the profession and entrepreneurship. They started to exchange ideas between each other, collaborate around marketing and arrange nice events for their employees. These events always had elements of competitions – Husman vs Hagberg. It did not take long before the franchise chain HusmanHagberg was born. Then, in 1997, there were four offices in the Stockholm area. We are now over 100 offices, of which six are in Spain.

We grow year after year with new passionate and business-driven franchisees and employees. All with the same will; to do our utmost to make customers happy. Best are the days when we gained the trust of new customers, signed contracts, and filled the days with viewings.

Many of our employees live in the area where they work. We want to know what we are talking about. We want to know where the children can go to school. Where to buy the best bread in the morning and which way is the best to go to the beach. That knowledge is just as important to us as construction technology, economics, law, and beautiful images. 

It is our knowledge that gives us the confidence of our customers. When life turns, for joy or sadness, and you need to change housing, you should be able to trust your real estate agent. As simple as that.

HusmanHagberg is approved as a member of the Swedish Franchise, which means that it has committed to follow the common European rules of ethical franchise. In connection with the entry, we have been reviewed and approved regarding agreements, finances, and satisfaction among franchisees.