Buying a property in Spain

Buying a property in Spain

For some people, it is a long-established dream to own their own holiday home in Spain. For others, a permanent move is ‘the plan’. If you are considering either option, then you will have a list of questions and multiple choices to make. Spain attracts more and more Europeans to its warm climate and laid-back lifestyle, and every year more and more realise their dream, while this is exciting, it can also be nerve-wracking!

To ensure the whole process of property searching and purchasing goes smoothly, you need information. Candid, up to date, factual information is where we at HusmanHagberg come in. We make the best partners in achieving your dream. We are experienced estate agents, with a locally based professional team, who are entirely client focussed. It’s all about your dreams and needs combining with our expertise; from finding properties to local information, we have the answers to questions you have not even thought of yet.  

Please feel free to get in touch with us with any queries, questions or concerns you have about any aspect of purchasing a property in Spain.

The buying process – Step by Step

Search property

There are many ways to find your dream home, but before you start looking for a home, it may be a good idea to review your needs and expectations. What is important to you? Should your dream home have a pool, a terrace, a garage? How far from the nearest beach do you want to be? You may have thought about renting out your property, then it is vitally important you know the rules on renting as they apply in different areas. Some areas have banned rentals completely, and other areas require a licence.

Do some research on the areas that interest you, then start to look at the range of homes that are available there, as to your list of requirements and your budget range. Do remember in Spain a property can be registered with several real estate agencies. On HusmanHagbergs website, you will see all the properties currently for sale at our offices. If you wish to contact one of our estate agents with your list of requirements, they will actively search for a property that matches your wishes and keep you updated on what they think will suit you.

Preparation tips

The first plan of action before heading off to Spain is to check your finances.  Remember not just to check for the house purchase price but to make sure you have enough to cover the costs of making a house purchase. At HusmanHagberg we can help with the calculations of what your costs could be.

Buying a home abroad can be difficult, mainly because it is a different system than you are used to. We always recommend our clients to hire a legal representative to ensure all the legal processes are completed properly. They will also help you apply for your Spanish Tax number, the NIE number that is required for legally processing your purchase as well as for things like opening a bank account.


As you head over to Spain for your viewings, we will prepare for your visit by organising the properties to view at times to suit your needs. These viewings are your chance to experience the homes and the area. You will have time to determine if they feel right for you and your needs. You need to ask yourself some questions like, ‘would I like living here’? Would I have to renovate? Is the kitchen/bedroom, terrace big enough?

It is our job as real estate agents to have the answers to these questions, and more besides. The more information we can give you the better foundation you will have to make your decisions. Something else to bear in mind on your views, resale properties are sold “as seen.”

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