Selling a property in Spain

Selling a property in Spain

HusmanHagberg started in 1997 and is one of the leading estate agencies in Sweden. Our colleagues in Spain have wide experience and deep knowledge of their market. You will see a real passion and commitment to all customers and properties.

Reach the right buyer at the right time

When you sell your property, it is important to reach the right buyer. We work actively with our vast customer register and enhance it using other digital channels. In Spain, a business transaction can take longer than you are used to, this is completely normal.


Before the sale you must make an energy declaration, which must be handed over to the buyer in conjunction with the sale. You should also be able to provide certain documentation such as proof of ownership, certificate of tenure, information about property tax etc. We are happy to help with good contacts.

Sales price

You might already have a property value in mind. We supplement that with facts from sales of similar properties at the time. Things that can affect the value are running costs, what repairs are needed and what they might cost. We are happy to help you with your calculations. Together we can come to a relevant value and a correct price.

Agreement with the Agent

Before the sales process can start there must be a commission agreement between you and the agent. The contract governs the sales assignment.

Purchase contract

Once you have come to an agreement with the buyer, a purchase contract is drawn up and signed – an ”Arras” or ”Option de Compras”. The contract states the price and the date of entry. In Spain, a notary is always involved when the seller and buyer exchange the purchase contract. The buyer is responsible for paying the notary's fees. The fees vary depending on the scope but are usually around 0.5% of the purchase price. When the purchase contract is signed, the buyer pays a deposit as part payment of the final amount, usually 10% of the purchase price. Final payment is then usually made on the date of entry. The purchase contract is then replaced by a new contract with the notary.


Your assigned lawyers take the payment and are responsible for paying taxes and fees and then for distributing the end payment to you. You hand over the keys to the buyer who can enter the property immediately.

The sales process - step by step

Valuation consulting
  • Presentation of HusmanHagbergs sales process
  • Market analysis
  • Facts about the property
  • Valuation of the property
  • Target group analysis
  • Quality insurance
  • Signing of listing agreements
  • Review of sales costs
  • Review of all the documentation needed and legal documentation
  • Photographing the property
  • Information about the energy certificate
  • Writing of the home page description
  • Publishing the property on our web page and on the leading property portals online in Sweden and Europe.
  • Social Media
  • International and Scandinavian fairs
  • Reaching out to our Swedish offices
  • “For Sale” Signs
  • Print work
  • Active leads management
Viewings and bidding
  • Well prepared estate agents
  • Viewings when the client is available
  • Commitment and paying attention
  • Financial plans for the buyers
  • Signing of the reservation contract
  • Legal help from partners
  • Contract of purchase (Arras or Option de Compras)
  • Deposition of reservation fee
Access to the property
  • Execution of settlements
  • Repayment of mortage
  • Be of help at the notary
  • Preliminary tax calculations
  • Handing over the keys
After the Purchase
  • Follow-up on quality service
  • Feedback
  • Help with sales declaration
  • Continuous support and counselling

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