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Buyer’s Agent - makes it easier to find a home!

If you are pressed for time, maybe living in another city or even resident abroad, you will be pleased to know that we have developed a special service – Buyer’s Agent (Köparmäklare) – to make it easier for you to find a home in Spain. To put it simply, our experts will give you all the help you need in selecting a home that matches your preferences, and support you with all the expertise that’s required until your move has been successfully completed.

Your personal representative on site

For you, it could not be easier. Just tell us where and how you want to live and give us an idea of the parameters within which we can operate. Then leave it to us to find the best the market has to offer to meet your wishes.

The idea is that you do not need to spend time investigating and analyzing the market.  We know where to look, are familiar with all the pitfalls and fully updated about the very latest movements in prices. We can quickly determine what constitutes an attractive offer and a worthwhile investment.

Everything is on the market yet

Our extensive network of contacts means that we have access to properties that have yet to appear on the market. Some vendors may also be reluctant to let it be known that they are ready to sell, yet have a keen interest in making a discreet sale at the right price to the right person.

Your helping hand from the start 

The Buyer’s Agent (Köparmäklare) process starts with a phone call or a meeting where we draw up a detailed list of your needs and wishes. After that, you can devote your time and energy to other things, secure in the knowledge that we are working hard on your behalf on the home-hunting front. As soon as we have found suitable properties, we can provide you with all the analyses, advice, and service you need to give you a full picture of each alternative quickly and effectively. We can also advise you about current tax regulations and laws to avoid the risk of any unpleasant surprises at a later stage in the process. Naturally, we are also willing to assist with negotiations if you wish us to do so.

An exclusive service with a strong sense of commitment

After you have found your favorite among the properties we have handpicked for you, you may choose to make use of our supplementary services, such as project management for any minor conversions that you may want to make. Buyer’s Agent (Köparmäklare) is an exclusive service performed by our most experienced experts with a strong personal commitment that goes far beyond conventional concepts of service.

The Buyer’s Agent (Köparmäklare) service package includes:

 • Searches and monitoring of the housing market
• Identifying and making enquiries about properties not yet offered for sale
• Personal commitment and individually tailored service
• Detailed knowledge of the property market
• Price counselling and support in negotiations
• Contact for financial services
• Practical advice and tips
• Contacts and coordination with local authorities and government agencies

Your Buyer’s Agent is waiting for you to get in touch with your wishes and instructions. Phone or e-mail to set the process in motion today.

You will find our offices here. Köparmäklare® is a registered trademark of HusmanHagberg AB.

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