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    Murcia is an old and beautiful city located in the south-eastern part of Spain. The city bears the same name as the region, and it is considered one of the larger cities in the area. Here you are close to unspoilt nature as well as golf and shopping. The proximity to everything makes the city a popular tourist destination. Many Europeans also choose to live here full-time or part-time. Nearby Murcia is the port city of Cartagena and the smaller town of Los Alcázares. 

    What to do and see in Murcia 

    Murcia is a bigger city that has a bit of everything. For cool nature experiences, we recommend El Valle National Park, where you can rent a bike or hike on foot. If you want to enjoy the culture and history of the area, visit Murcia Cathedral and the Museo de Bellas Artes located in the city. If you go to Murcia with children, there are amusement parks and kid-friendly beaches a short distance away from the city. 

    This region has a large selection of challenging and well-maintained golf courses, many with associated resorts. At the resorts, you can buy properties or check-in at hotels for a short stay. In addition to first-class golf, many of these areas also offer spas, swimming pools, other sports, and fantastic restaurants. 

    Local cuisine 

    Do not forget to enjoy Murcia's fantastic cuisine. The region of Murcia is often called the Garden of Spain. This means that many of the dishes included in the menus of the area are prepared from fresh vegetables. Here you will also find tasty tapas and wines of various kinds from one of the nearby vineyards.


    The nearest international airport with direct flights is Alicante Airportv (ALC). It is located just over 80 km from the city, and you can easily get there by bus or car. The slightly smaller international airport Corvera (RMU) is nearby and today has a large number of departures and arrivals per day, mainly from England and France. 

    Buying a property in Murcia 

    If you are looking for a villa or apartment in Murcia, there is a good selection of homes for sale. Contact our estate agents for more information, we are here to help you find your dream home in Murcia. The city has everything you can think of when it comes to shopping and local service. Since Murcia is a bit inland, you can expect a shorter trip to get to the nearest beaches. One tip is to go to Costa Calida (which means the warm coast) where you will find the big city of Cartagena and many excellent beaches. 

    Buying a home in this area gets you access to the many fun activities available for the whole family along with the opportunity to try the local Spanish cuisine. In the many outdoor restaurants, fresh seafood is served, but you can find restaurants catering to all tastes. We enjoy eating a tostada and drinking a café con Leche, in one of the laid-back cafés overlooking the beach. Welcome to HusmanHagberg, our experienced real estate agents are here for you when you are looking to buy a Home in Murcia. 

    Nearby La Manga 

    La Manga is a 20-kilometre long strip of land in the Spanish region of Murcia. With its location between the saltwater lagoon Mar Menor and the Mediterranean, La Manga offers many long sandy beaches. This strip of land, whose name means sleeve in Spanish, belongs to the two municipalities of Cartagena in the south and San Javier in the north. At La Manga, you can combine fun activities with quiet days on the beach. It also offers boat trips to several different islands. Or why you could spend some time in the main Puente de la Risa area, with its rather unique 'humped' bridge. 

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