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    Welcome to Nerja, located on the eastern part of the Costa del Sol. Are you looking for property in this charming area with its international vibe? Then Nerja may be right for you.  The central parts of the city are distinguished from larger cities by their low-rise buildings, which gives it a more open feel. Nerja is sheltered between two mountains and has a microclimate, which means that it is often a few degrees warmer than the other Spanish cities nearby.

    Nerja has something for everyone 

    Whether you want to enjoy the sun on one of all the beautiful beaches, eat good food in one of the villages nearby, exercise or enjoy some water activity, then being in Nerja ticks all those boxes. The well-known Burriana beach with crystal clear water is popular with both Spaniards and tourists. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, you can dine at one of all the restaurants along the promenade. The most famous of them is the paella restaurant Ayo. Since the mid-1980s it has been a hangout for paella lovers from all over the coast, and even today the food is cooked over an open fireplace. 

    Another must be is to rent a canoe or jet ski to experience Nerja from the sea. A trip along the coast offers fantastic nature experiences, just a few kilometres from the Burriana beach you will find the beautiful waterfalls Cascada la Doncella and Cascada grande de Maro. 

    Nerja is also known for its caves and has one of Europe's largest cave system in the small village of Maro which is easily accessed by car or bus. The acoustics in the caves are incredible and every year a famous music festival, Festival de la Cueva, is organised in the caves. For those who want to enjoy beautiful views and an iconic landmark should visit the lookout point Balcon de Europa located near the Mediterranean. 

    Nerja Playa Burriana

    Skiing & hiking 

    For those interested in sports and who do not want to be on the beach all day, you can reach the beautiful and popular ski resort of Sierra Nevada in just over two hours, located in the mountain range of the same name in the province of Granada. Most people are familiar with the area for its large ski resort with slopes and lifts to suit all levels of skiing. But the area is an attractive destination all year round as it is a large conservation area that offers many hiking trails, rivers and varied vegetation. 

    The nearby city of Granada offers a rich cultural life and fabulous historic architecture, including the UNESCO World Heritage Alhambra, a fortress and palace area known to the Moors as, "a pearl set in emeralds" due to the colour of the buildings surrounding by the woods.

    Buy a house or apartment in Nerja 

    We are on-site in Nerja all year round. Our real estate agents know the area well and are happy to help you find your dream home based on your wishes. Contact our estate agents when you’re looking to buy a home in Nerja. We will do our best so that you soon can enjoy the sun in your own home in Nerja.


    The easiest way to get to Nerja is via one of all direct flights going to Malaga airport, which is about 50 km away. From here it is then easy to take a bus, taxi or rent a car to get into the city. There is also an airport in Granada, travel here usually means a stopover at one of the major airports in Spain.

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