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To live in Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa is a small coastal town located in the Alicante province. Locals in the area commonly call it La Vila Joiosa which translates to Joyful Town. The area is tucked in between San Juan and Benidorm, which are all along the Costa Blanca shoreline. You can arrive close to the town by either landing at Murcia Airport or Alicante Airport. The latter, however, is much closer as you will only have to travel 49km to reach this quiet town. Travelling to Villajoyosa from the airport is simple and inexpensive. Choose whether to travel by taxi, private bus shuttles or even a hired car, to arrive at this breathtaking holiday destination.

Buy a villa or apartment in Villajoyosa

Unlike other Costa Blanca towns, Villajoyosa doesn't have a large expat population. It has smaller tourist crowds and, as such, the residents are mostly Spanish. Walk along the cobbled streets of the old town and enjoy the colourful houses and stop at a restaurant to experience the local cuisine. If you’re looking to buy a home this area has a lot to offer. You will find a wide range of new properties but you can also go for the old charming apartments. Amenities such as golf courses are available, with a total of 6 in close proximity to residential areas. Click here to see homes for sale in the area!

Villajoyosa offers great golf and beautiful beaches

For a relaxing day in and around this fishing village, tourists can indulge in a lot of activities. One of the main tourist attractions is the Valor chocolate factories. Plan a day trip to Valencia and seek out one of the many Valor branded cafes for some chocolate and churros. Alternatively, play a round of golf at Puig Campana Golf, or you could just relax at one of the three available beaches. Take a relaxing walk along the coastline as you take in the colourful houses in the area. For a more thrilling experience, head over to Benidorm, which is only 5km away. You will find themed waterparks with exciting rollercoaster rides and exotic animals. Welcome to HusmanHagberg, please contact us for more information when you're looking to buy a home in Villajoyosa!