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  • Carrer de Tomàs Vila, 12, 070 14, Palma, Illes Balears, Spanien

    Palma is a cosmopolitan city that has a small-town charm. Located on Mallorca, also known as Majorca, it has that lovely Mediterranean climate that gives pleasant temperatures all year round. There are around 300 sunny days a year! 

    The airport is only 15 minutes’ drive from Palma's centre; if you travel without luggage, you could be sitting on an outdoor terrace in the sun 30 minutes after landing. Palma offers everything you could possibly need such as beaches, culture, lots of galleries, impressive architecture from different centuries, bars, clubs and a wide selection of restaurants from simple tavernas to gourmet restaurants. Of course, there are also plenty of cafes with good coffee here, for the Spaniards, who like us enjoy a good latte and cake!

    Do you want to practice your Spanish? Whatever your language level, the Spanish are helpful and encouraging, genuinely pleased you've tried to speak their language. 

    Want to know more about life in Palma? Our local estate agents will be happy to help. 

    A bit of Palma history

    During the Moorish era, the island came under Arab influence, hence the many beautiful ceramic facades and decorations that are from this time, among others. In 1230, Christians took over the empire and King Jaume I ordered the construction of the city's now best-known building, the Cathedral of La Seu, which took a total of 400 years to complete. 

    The renowned art nouveau architect Antoni Gaudí was one of those involved, and the crystal chandelier above the altar is his work. Local artist Miquel Barceló designed the three-part altar made of 15 tons (!) of clay. Le Seu cathedral is built in the Gothic style and was a sign for sailors that Mallorca was now Christian. It is also the only cathedral in the world built to reflect in the sea. 

    One interesting fact, about the building of the cathedral, is that it was built on the site of a mosque. The builders used that as a template, and the cathedral was built in the same way, which means that Le Seu faces Mecca and not Jerusalem.

    What to see and do in Palma de Mallorca 

    Like to shop? You can find shops here from the larger clothing chains to designer labels and don't miss out on traditional craft items. In the city, there is a large selection of craft workshops and small shops with ceramics, shoes, jewellery etc. 

    In Palma's old town, La Lonja, you can stroll around the narrow alleys and experience what it looked like hundreds of years ago, it feels like a step back in time. Palma is an incredibly beautiful city with an architecture that reflects its history and dates back to Roman times. 

    Continue along the boardwalk below Le Seu, walking or cycling, and you will end up in a pearl band of charming old fishing villages, of which the first two Portixol and Molinar are popular with Europeans. The areas are appreciated for their tranquillity, charm and genuine feel and of course for the proximity to Palma. 

    View over the harbor in Palma

    Fabulous Palma de Mallorca 

    Do you want to combine exercise with a spectacular panoramic view of the city? Walk up to Castell de Bellver. When you get up top, the absolutely stunning view is well worth the exercise, but we would advise to visit in the early morning or late afternoon. You look out over the entire Gulf of Palma including Marivent, the Spanish king's summer residence in Cala Major just outside Palma. 

    If you want to get up a little less sweaty, the hop-on-hop-off buses also make a stop at Castell de Bellver. 

    To be in Palma is to be at the centre of events. The restaurants You can hear languages ​​from all corners of the earth in the restaurants and the bars, there is always someone to talk to, something to do, see and experience. Palma has it all, and it's easy to understand why the city is so popular that "The Sunday Times" in 2015 named Palma as the world's best place to live.

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